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Blogger Changes Top Level Domain Names in your Countries. Share List Top-Level Domains Blogger - Blogspot:
Originally all Internet websites are assigned with the most popular (.com) domain. Blogger with .com (Blogspot.Com), but, so many countries around the world uses a 2nd level domain in their respective countries. for example Japan (.jp) (Blogspot.Jp), Hong Kong (.hk) (Blogspot.Hk), Australia (com.au) (Blogspot.Com.Au) and others domain extension. This is known as the country code top-level domain (ccTLD). Here is the international countries that supports Blogger (Blogspot) along with their ccTLD address.

1. (.com) Worldwide eg: eg: stilrent-interior.blogspot.com
2. (.co.uk) United Kingdom (UK) eg: stilrent-interior.blogspot.co.uk
3. (.de) Germany eg: stilrent-interior.blogspot.de
4. (.jp) Japan eg: stilrent-interior.blogspot.jp
5. (.com.ar) Argentina eg: stilrent-interior.blogspot.com.ar
6. (.com.br) Brazil eg: stilrent-interior.blogspot.com.br
7. (.ca) Canada eg: stilrent-interior.blogspot.ca
8. (.ch) Switzerland eg: stilrent-interior.blogspot.ch
9. (.dk) Denmark eg: stilrent-interior.blogspot.dk
10. (.com.es) Spain eg: stilrent-interior.blogspot.com.es
11. (.fr) France eg: stilrent-interior.blogspot.fr
12. (.gr) Greece eg: stilrent-interior.blogspot.gr
13. (.hk) Hong Kong eg: stilrent-interior.blogspot.hk
14. (.ie) Ireland eg: stilrent-interior.blogspot.ie
15. (co.il) Israel eg: stilrent-interior.blogspot.co.il
16. (.it) Italy eg: stilrent-interior.blogspot.it
17. (.in) India eg: stilrent-interior.blogspot.in
18. (.kr) South Korea eg: stilrent-interior.blogspot.kr
19. (.nl) Netherlands eg: stilrent-interior.blogspot.nl
20. (co.nz) New Zealand eg: stilrent-interior.blogspot.co.nz
21. (.mx) Mexico eg: stilrent-interior.blogspot.mx
22. (.be) Belgium eg: stilrent-interior.blogspot.be
23. (.com.au) Australia eg: stilrent-interior.blogspot.com.au
24. (.tw) Taiwan eg: stilrent-interior.blogspot.tw
25. (.cz) Czech Republic eg: stilrent-interior.blogspot.cz
26. (.ae) United Arab Emirates eg: stilrent-interior.blogspot.ae
27. (.pt) Portugal eg: stilrent-interior.blogspot.pt
28. (.fi) Finland eg: stilrent-interior.blogspot.fi
29. (.sk) Slovakia eg: stilrent-interior.blogspot.sk
30. (.ru) Russia eg: stilrent-interior.blogspot.ru
31. (.no) Norway eg: stilrent-interior.blogspot.no
32. (.sg) Singapore eg: stilrent-interior.blogspot.sg
33. (.hu) Hungary eg: stilrent-interior.blogspot.hu
34. (.ro) Romania eg: stilrent-interior.blogspot.ro
35. (.se) Sweden eg: stilrent-interior.blogspot.se
36. (.co.at) Austria eg: stilrent-interior.blogspot.co.at
37. (.co.id) Indonesia eg: stilrent-interior.blogspot.co.id
38. (.co.ke) Kenya eg: stilrent-interior.blogspot.co.ke
39. (.si) Slovenia eg: stilrent-interior.blogspot.si
40. (.com.co) Colombia eg: stilrent-interior.blogspot.com.co
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